Welcome to Fleet Netwalking

The healthy, enjoyable alternative to traditional networking. Enjoy breakfast and a walk through local countryside while you make those invaluable business connections.

Where: Poppy’s, 18 Northfield Road, GU52 6ED

When: Last Friday of the month, 8.30 – 10am

Netwalking Events

We hold two meetings a month, a netwalk and an online presentation. The netwalking events include breakfast and a walk and always take place on the last Friday of every month. The online events are held on a Friday morning mid-month where we invite local business owners to present. At both events you will get the opportunity to introduce yourself and make some valuable business connections.

Due to current restrictions we are unable to physically meet for walks, but we are continuing with our line-up of online events…

Our Next Online Event

When: Friday 14 May, 9.00-10.15am

Speaker: Paula Wood, Hartwood Health

Paula Wood, Registered Dietitian at Hartwood Health and co-founder of Fleet Netwalking, will be talking to us about some of the common myths surrounding our diet and health and what good nutrition actually means.

Looking after ourselves is so important for our physical and mental health. Nutrition plays a key part in helping us feel and perform better on both a professional and personal level. Not only does it decrease our risk of chronic disease and ill health, the right nutrition also aids concentration throughout the day and helps us stay alert in our busy and sometimes stressful working lives. 

However, we are bombarded with so much information from many different sources telling us what we should (or shouldn’t) be eating or drinking to improve our health. It is difficult to know what we should be doing or even know that it is accurate.

Please join us, 9am on Friday 14 May. You can hear from Paula as well as make some new connections within our friendly and supportive group. Look forward to seeing you there!

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our events or if you would be interested in speaking at one of our meetings.

Why Fleet Netwalking?

Balancing work and lifestyle is tricky for many so Netwalking offers you the opportunity to improve your fitness and business connections at the same time.

Walking and being outside also improves your mood and gives you more energy to get the most out of the rest of your day. Why not see for yourself and join us at our next event!

Lucy and Paula started Fleet Netwalking as an alternative way for local businesses to meet, connect and enjoy the local countryside.

They both own Fleet based businesses, Lucy is a Freelance Brand Consultant and Graphic Designer at Wynn Creative and Paula is a Registered Dietitian at Hartwood Health.

We can’t wait to be out walking again soon, but in the mean time, we look forward to seeing you all online!